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Norm Richardson


Richardson, James Norman

Rank, Company, Regiment

CPL.       E              87TH INF, Kiska, Italy -110th   Signal Corp. May 1942-November 6, 1945

Birth date/Death Date

1/15/1920            1/24/2005

Vermont Location




Importance of Vermont

"where I learned skiing, survival in Mtn. Cold weather. How   to compete and win. Good skiing - a place to teach."

First skiing experience

5-6 years. At 8 yrs I was jumping on the city big jumping hill.   30 meter. Downhill and slalom came later in high school."



Competitive Skiing

High school State champion, cross country, downhill and slalom   different years - thru 1938. Sent to Sun Valley, Idaho to train for 1940   Olympic ski team. Big time racing 1937-52."

What was your experience in the 10th like?

"Very interesting, healthy, educating, enjoyed most of it.   Certainly traveled thousands of miles, Aleutian Islands, Italy, a little of   Austria, Calif., Wash., Colo., Texas, Miss., Missouri, Il., British   Columbia."

Why did you join the 10th?

"Because they needed instructors. I was certified in 1941.   Also they defered because of a broken leg. Minnie Dole etc. helped get me   past that. Went from 4F directly to 87th Mtn. Regiment Ft. Lewis, WA."

Ski Patrol


Ski School

Stowe. Certified 1941. USEASA taught 2 years, before war-One   after Sepp Ruschp Ski School Stowe, VT. Had own ski school in Climax, CO 1947   on weekends. Coach Climax Schools. Taught Sepp Ruschp Ski School 3 years.   Raced many areas in VT, NH. Started racing Wendy Cram in high school, in army   to gather. Also Clem Curtis, Kerr Sparks, Ev Bailey. All ski school   instructor. Great people. "I went back to Colorado and taught army Mt.   And Cold Weather training command, Camp Carson, CO and Camp Hale 1946 thru   1954 civil service."             

Ski Industry

Tested equipment for several manufacturers. Clothing, skis,   bindings, poles, shows. Later tested equipment for Army 1946-54.:

Vermont Ski Area Connection


Role of Skiing in your Life


Other information

Civil Service Instructor Skiing 1946-1954

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Norm Richardson