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Wolf Run

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Wolf Run

Bakersfield, Franklin County, Vermont

"Wolf Run, Bakersfield 05441.  933-4007.  25 km machine tracked, 25 km groomed skating lanes, 15 km marked outlying trails, 40 km total trails.  640' low elevation, 1350' high elevation,  Nordic instruction, rental shop, retail sales, equipment repair, cafe/restaurant, nearby lodging, ski packages.  $8.00 weekend trail fee."  -Vermont, Skiing in its Finest State, 1988

Location: Route 108, Bakersfield, Vt. 05441

Directory listings: 1988-1990

Known operators:

Today: out of operation



Wolf Run was listed in cross country directories in the late 1980s (through 1990) and also has an interesting history as a potential alpine area.  A blog called "Obscure Vermont"--dedicated to Vermont's curiosities, esoterica, and forgotten places--had this to say about the alpine area at Wolf Run: "very little is known about this ski area except for that in the late 80s, Trails were cleared on the west shoulder of Butternut Ridge, a small mountain on Route 108 just north of Bakersfield village and stately Brigham Academy.  The ski area was said to offer a Borvig chairlift and 4 trails on about 400 vertical feet, but the mountain never opened."  Likewise, Jeremy Davis' New England Lost Nordic Ski Area Project Wolf Run alpine ski area was planned (and at least partially constructed as some trails and lift inspection records exist today) but but likely never actually opened.

As for the Nordic area, it was listed in at least three available directories and appears to have fully operated during that time (or at least there is nothing to indicate that it did not operate and consistently at least between 1988 and 1990.  They offered 40 km total trails and a full compliment of instruction, lodging, rentals, dining options, and ski packages.

Today, Wolf Run is out of operation as a ski area, but the Obscure Vermont blog indicated that a country club, also called Wolf Run, operated (or did operate) at the former base of the ski area.


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