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Notchmont Touring Center

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Notchmont Touring Center

Montgomery Center, Franklin County, Vermont

"Notchmont Touring Center, Montgomery Ctr.  Terrain suited to all abilities, spectacular views of Jay Peak and Hazen's Notch; starting point for wilderness trail to Jay Village.  5-10 km set; 25-30 km total.  Elev. 1000'-2400'.  Instruction, rental, retail. repair, lodging nearby, change rooms, guided tours, inn to inn tours, camping, mountaineering.  Ted Means: Tel. 326-4700." -Cross Country Ski Vermont, 1984

Location: VT 58, Montgomery Center, Vt.

Directory listings: 1982-1984

Known operators: Ted Means and May Drown

Today: out of operation; Notchmont trails part of Hazen Notch trail system



The Notchmont Ski Touring Center was "designed and built by its occupants, Ted Means and Mimi Drown, both athletic refugees from Stowe, it is a truly Swiss-style chalet with a well-equipped ski shop off the kitchen," according to a 1981 article in Skiing magazine.   A newspaper article in The Hour our of Norwalk, CT, describes it as a "new resort" in 1980, with trails connecting it to Northern Frontier Trails network.  

Although Notchmont has not appeared in a directory since 1984 we know the trail network still exists today as part of Hazen's Notch Association, a non-profit consevation organization founded in 1994 by Rolf and Sharon Anderson, former operators of Vermont Voyageur Expeditions which led cross-country tours through Vermont (including Notchmont as the 1981 Skiing article mentioned above recounts).  

Today Hazen's Notch Association has three trails, making up the Notchmont Area of Hazen's Notch and a special thank you on their website to Ted Means and May Drown for "developing the Notchmont trails beneath Burnt Mountain and Haystack Mountain and for their encouragement."