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Wilmington, Windham County, Vermont

"Haystack, Wilmington, Vermont 05363.  802-464-5321.  Approximately 25 miles of trails through the woods in their natural setting.  We also have one full-time instructor and one part-time instructor." -Vermont Ski Guide, 1974


Location: Cold Brook Rd., Wilmington, Vt. 05363

Directory listings: 1974-1979

Known operators: 

Today: out of operation



Haystack was listed in ski touring directories from 1974 to 1979.  In its last two listings Haystack appears as Haystack and the Hermitage.  The Hermitage offered cross country skiing in directories for a number of years, closed, and reopened as The Hermitage Club, a pirvate year round golf and ski resort for members, in 2011.

Haystack was also the name of an alpine area--both the alpine and nordic areas were located on Haystack Mountain in Wilmington.  According to Jeremy Davis' New England Lost Ski Area Project--which focuses on lost alpine areas--Haystack's alpine area operated from 1964 - 2005 with a failed reopening in 2008. 


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