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XC Norwich

Norwich University

Norwich University, a military academy located in Northfield, VT started its ski program in the early 30’s. Norwich achieved significant success with its program when they hired Robert (Bob) Axtell in 1957. He coached from 1957 to 1963, including the 1961 team, which was inducted into the Norwich University Hall of Fame in 2011. The 1961 team was part of a strong two-year run in which the Cadets maintained NCAA Division I status and defeated such powerhouse programs as Middlebury, Dartmouth, Williams, the University of Vermont and several western colleges.
Following Axtell’s departure from Norwich University, Bruce Jennings was hired as the head coach in 1975 and coached every year (except 87-88) until the program was dropped in 1993. The ski team competed in EISA Div II in the mid to late 70’s and rejoined Div I in the 90s. The ski program was dropped in the mid 90’s.