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Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum

Recognition Awards

The Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum has typically given three types of recognition awards at its Annual Meeting of the Membership in May of each year. The recipients have been nominated by the Executive Committee, Approved by the Board, then the awards have been presented by the Chairman at the Annual Meeting of the Members. The three types of recognition have been:

1) Retiring Board Members

2) Board Appreciation Awards for certain noteworthy individuals whose commitment to the Museum has been critical to its success.

3) Volunteer of the Year Award for non-Board members who have contributed substantially to the Museum’s success, in exhibits, on a committee, or some other significant way.

The awards were prepared, mounted and framed pro bono by Green Mountain Fine Art Gallery until 2012.

The following summarizes such recognition awards, by year, since the Museum opened in Stowe:


June 26, 2002 -

Retiring board members: Sharon Ahern, Nancy Twitty, and Chuck Baraw.


May 21, 2003

Board Appreciation Award: Roy Newton, Museum Founder. 

Board Appreciation Award: Ken Biedermann for his service as President and as Building Construction Manager.

Bev Ostler, retiring from Museum Shop, received an award as the person who started up and successfully operated the Museum Shop.


May 25, 2004

Retiring board members: Virginia deGanahl Russell, Chris Francis, Julie Egenberg

Board Appreciation Award: Rosie Fortna received Cecile Johnson print for organizing the Hall of Fame Event.


May 26, 2005

Retiring board members: John Springer Miller.

Board Appreciation Award: Chuck & Jann Perkins, framed Cecile Johnson limited edition print, for everything they have done for the Museum.

Volunteer Recognition Awards: Bruce Nelson, Dick Collins, and Dick Finlay

Photos: Scott Noble presenting (from left to right) to: Chuck and Jann Perkins, Dick Collins, Bruce Nelson, and Dick Finlay



May 25, 2006-

Retiring Board members: Sandra Heath, Bill Riley, Peter Mackey.

Board Recognition Award: Scott Noble.

Volunteer Recognition Award: Sylvia Pope.

Photos: Scott Noble, David Jaqua presenting to Sylvia Pope.

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May 26, 2007—

Retiring Board Members: None

Board Recognition Award: Liz Weller

Volunteer of the Year Award: Karin Rae and Kelly Wood


May 28, 2008-

Retiring Board Members: Liz Weller & Bruce Nourjian

Board Recognition Award: Lynne Bertram (below left)

Volunteer of the Year Award: Grant Reynolds



May 27, 2009-

Retiring Board Members: Allen Adler and Carol Crawford

Board Recognition Award: Foster Chandler (below left with David Jaqua)

Volunteer of the Year Award: Ian Lamphere and Justin Reyher (with David Jaqua)

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May 26, 2010-

Retiring Board Members: Rosie Fortna, Peter Graves, Tom Hubbs, David Jaqua

Board Recognition Award: Brian Lindner

Volunteer of the Year Award: Julie Egenberg and Denise Cushwa (with Scott Noble)



May 25, 2011-

Retiring Board Members: Lynn Altadonna, Lynne Bertram, David Dillon, Scott Noble

Board Recognition Award: Not given

Volunteer of the Year Award: Lance Violette (below with Tom Sequist)



May 30, 2012-

Retiring Board Members: Bud Keene, Molly Kerr, Tom Sequist

Board Recognition Award: Tom Sequist (below with Rob Apple)

Volunteer of the Year Award: Not given