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Edwin Johnson

Name:                                                  EDWIN ALLEN JOHNSON

            Known as:                                           “Bud”

Hometown per military records:                      Proctor

            Date of Birth:                                       January 24, 1922 at New Haven, CT

            Entered military service at:                  Rutland, VT

            Entered military service on:                 September 1942

            Rank:                                                   Second Lieutenant

            Commissioned:                                                November 1944 at Fort Benning, GA

            Army serial number:                            O-1327549

            Unit:                                                    10th Mountain Division

                                                                        85th Mountain Regiment

                                                                        1st Battalion

                                                                        Company B

            Wounded In Action:                            February 20, 1945 at Mt. Gorgolesco, Italy

            Died of wounds:                                  May 27, 1945 at 12th General Hospital, Leghorn,


            Buried:                                                 Proctor Cemetery on November 08, 1949

            Medals:                                                            Purple Heart

            On local WWII monument?                 Roll Of Honor in Proctor Town Office

            Age:                                                     23

            Details of Death:                                  Chest wound at Mt. Belvedere at 03:00.

                                                                        Officially noted in his Individual Deceased

                                                                        Personnel File as “W. Perf. Thoraco-abdominal

rt.” {Perforating wound right


Note that he was for an unknown amount of time cared for at the 16th Evacuation Hospital in Leghorn. Army records are in conflict regarding his exact date of death showing both May 26th & 27th, 1945. Since he was buried on May 28th, it is reasonable to assume that the correct DoD was the 27th.

See the newspaper clipping in which he wrote the story of his wounding and evacuation back to medical care. The newspaper is unidentified as is the publication date.