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Roger Wilson


Wilson, Roger B.

Rank, Company, Regiment


Birth date/Death Date


Vermont Location




Importance of Vermont

"I have lived with a continued emphasis on mountains and   nature and this love later influenced my plans to retire from Boston to   Grafton in southern Vermont."

First skiing experience

"I learned telemark turns from my father around 1933 when I   was about twelve. He had skied in the early 1900s. I first skied on a   playground hill."



Competitive Skiing

Putney School. "I got heavily involved in competitive   skiing while at Putney School, particularly after we beat Stowe in a 4-event   state skiing championship in 1938!"

Masters racing

What was your experience in the 10th like?

“I first joined the army at Fort Devens. I trained there for a   few weeks. After basic training there was an opportunity to choose where you   wanted to serve. I tool a train to Camp Hale in the summer of '43. The   military experience was hard for me to believe. Later when it got colder, we   went on a three week bivouac high up, 12,000 feet or so. It was 25 below   zero. I slept in a two man tent with my best friend, a great guy. We were   issued chocolate bars to keep our strength up as everyone was losing lots of   weight. My tent-mate stole my chocolate several times. He couldn't help   himself, and I understood. Everyone had a constant urge to eat fat for   nourishment. When I went home on leave, my mother cried when she saw me; I   looked like a skeleton.
  In the fall of 1943 we started skiing. I got a job being in charge of   training instructors, including officers, many of whom had never skied   before. When I first got there, some friends asked me to go mountain   climbing. We climbed high and I was totally done in by the altitude. I hadn't   respected it.
  After nine months, I became concerned that the ski troops were not going to   be used. The officers in charge of them didn't seem to know what they were   doing. I transferred to pilot training, which had just been shut down.   Eventually, I became a radio/gunner and served in England and over   Germany."

Why did you join the 10th?

"I knew a lot of skiers from my racing experience at Putney   School and at Harvard. Several of them joined the Tenth Mountain Troops. I   loved to ski."

Ski Patrol


Ski School


Ski Industry


Vermont Ski Area Connection


Role of Skiing in your Life


Other information

Drifters Ski Club. "I helped to found and was the first   president of a ski club called the Drifters in Jackson, NH. That club recently   celebrated its 50th anniversary and is thriving today. For fifty years, I   spent spring weekends climbing and skiing on Mt. Washington. The Drifters   today gives a "Roger B. Wilson Headwall" award to club members   going over the Headwall for the first time. I still ski modestly at 82."

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