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Erling Omland


Omland, Erling   Omar

Rank, Company, Regiment

S/SGT    K             87TH INF              WIA 4/16/45

Birth date/Death Date


Vermont Location



Combat Infantry Badge, Purple Heart, and Bronze Star

Importance of Vermont

"Moved to Vermont in 1952 and have thrived in a state that   offers outdoor activities all year long. My family and I have enjoyed skiing,   mostly at Pico, both recreational and competition."

First skiing experience

"1922 - Long Island. Norwegian Parents had some skis for 5   year old! Also 2 years 1926-27 in Norway on skis. As a school boy I began   serious skiing in 1936."



Competitive Skiing

NJ State Slalom Champ 5 times.

Eastern Vet. GS Champ 1965

Member, director, treasurer, VP US Eastern Amateur Ski   Association 1938 to end.
  Member, director, VP of VARA.
  Member Pico Ski Club, from 1953, race chair.

What was your experience in the 10th like?

"A memorable in many cases enjoyable rewarding experience.   Learned greatly, met fine men."

"In the 10th I met and became friends with outstanding   mountaineers, world renown skiers, men of character and purpose. Moreover we   built a fellowship of dedicated ski enthusiasts that endures in increasingly   lesser numbers to this day."
  "Basic and non-com school from C Prime Company, 86th, at Camp Hale,   transferred May 43 to 10th Recom, later Mountain Training Group to teach and   supervise skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering. Transferred from K Co. 87th   when division moved to Camp Swift, TX. Squad leader during Italian campaign,   wounded 4/16/45, hospitalized and   rehab until released 12/31/45.
  "I gave up Cons.Obt. And War defer to join buddies in 10th."    "I realized that we were fighting for   the best cause, to defeat the most insidious and dictator who led."
  Volunteered for service 3/3/43 to 12/31/45.

Why did you join the 10th?


Ski Patrol


Ski School

"First I taught for Walt Prager."

"Certified ski instructor Southern Rocky Mountain Ski   Association. 1946
  Taught with friend Walter Prager at Dartmouth Ski School 1946, served as   civilian employee US Army (equiv. Rank Captain) in MTG under Col. Fowler at   Camp Carson, CO, 1946-7.

Ski Industry


Vermont Ski Area Connection

Killington. Moved to Rutland, VT 1952. Met Carolyn Burke   (1929-2002) on Pico Peak. Married Connie in 1955, built our house on Town   Line Road from where we, with three children Kevin, Mari and Kristian,   enjoyed outdoor living and the sport of skiing."

Role of Skiing in your Life


Other information

Founding member of Watchung Amateur Ski Club. 1938
  Founding member and past president of NJ Ski Council. Erling wrote the book   "Hill Echoes" and currently writes "Leaves from a Skier's   Journal" for The Mountain Times

"Did 1 year Mtn. Trg. Group as civilian."

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Erling Omland