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Ted Lockwood


Lockwood, Theodore D.

Rank, Company, Regiment


Birth date/Death Date


Vermont Location




Importance of Vermont


First skiing experience

"I participated in a 200-yard cross-country scramble   without poles in 1930 at the Dartmouth Carnival. (I was living with my   parents in Hanover at the time.)



Competitive Skiing

"…I did help out with the Harvard ski team (1956-59).

What was your experience in the 10th like?

"I enjoyed the training period as much as one can enjoy   being a noncom (Cpl for life it seemed at the time). Obviously it was the   presence of so many interesting men in the 86th, then being formed in March   1943. I had always enjoyed the mountains and used occassions in the summer to   join others in some climbs in the area. Texas was another story: I contracted   a severe case of poison oak and seldom went into the field. The scenery was   not as beguiling as Colorado.

When we went overseas to Italy, it accomplished one thing: the end   of rumors as to where in the world we would be shipped. I was fortunate in   not being wounded. My job varied according to the wishes of the officers each   day. I kept all the documents for the division and periodically transferred   them to 5th Army in Florence; I went out on liaison missions whenever the   general was uncertain as to whereabouts of other divisions; I distributed   Stars and Stripes to the front units; and assisted in G-3 even though I was   technically I&E."                "In   early 1943 I knew that, having turned 18, I would be drafted. I decided to   volunteer just ahead of the time my number would come up. I had been skiing   for Northwood School in Lake Placid and had been a member of the National Ski   Patrol. Wade Hicks at the Lake Placid Club provided the necessary paper work   for Minnie Dole."

Why did you join the 10th?


Ski Patrol


Ski School


Ski Industry


Vermont Ski Area Connection


Role of Skiing in your Life


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Ted Lockwood