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Fritz Kramer


Kramer, Fritz L.

Rank, Company, Regiment

T4           10th Recon

Birth date/Death Date


Vermont Location




Importance of Vermont

Fritz sent to the Museum a copy of "a report [he] sent, in   May, 1940, to my friend and mentor, former grade school and ski teacher, Karl   Buresch and his wife, Maria, in Vienna, Austria. This report…shows the   overwhelming hospitality, assistance, and kindness the people of Stowe have   shown me when I arrived, a penniless stranger and foreigner. There is no way   I can ever repay this. No wonder, I consider Stowe my first home in the   United States."

First skiing experience

"Learning to ski in Mariazell, Austria, where my   grade-school teacher, karl Buresch, held on of the earliest children ski   courses in Austria. The year was 1927."


University of Washington

Competitive Skiing

"At Colorado College, Colorado Springs, I was ski coach of the   college team."

What was your experience in the 10th like?

"For an army experience, quite good. I met many people   there who became significant during my later life."
  Kramer served as part of a training group that went to Ashcroft, CO, near   Aspen.
  From article "Seattle Skiers Take Part in Capture of Italian   Ridge": February 26, 1945"Kramer…is a former instructor, who,   during the crossing to Italy, kept in trim by scaling the ships forward stack   with the aid of miscellaneous ropes and wires."            "With my background as certified ski instructor   and professional ski patrol man, plus mountaineering experience in Austria,   the Ski Troops were a natural for me to join. I had the famous "three   letters of recommendation" signed by some of the instigators of the   "Mountain Troops."

Why did you join the 10th?


Ski Patrol

"...and in my final year there, before joining the 10th,   was the first professional ski patrolman on Mt. Mansfield."

"...I was also active as a ski patrol man in Washington   State and Reno."

Ski School

"I became a certified ski instructor in Stowe…"
  "After the war, while studying at the University of Washington (in   Seattle), I supplemented my 'GI Bill' income by teaching in ski schools at   Stevens Pass, Snoqualmie Pass and in Sun Valley. Later I was also teaching   skiing at Gordy Wren's ski school in Reno Nevada…"

Ski Industry


Vermont Ski Area Connection


Role of Skiing in your Life


Other information


Photograph information


Information submitted by

Kramer donated objects to the Archives of the 10th at the Denver   (CO) Public Library. Included is a book of sketches entitled "Report   from the Rockies."