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Nick Hock


Hock, Nicholas G.

Rank, Company, Regiment

2nd Lt.  D, E, Recon; D; G              87th; 86th; 85th

Birth date/Death Date


Vermont Location




Importance of Vermont


First skiing experience

"1921 Vienna Woods, Vienna, Austria."



Competitive Skiing


What was your experience in the 10th like?

"Unique! Outstanding! Sometime frustrating."

Why did you join the 10th?

"Drafted in Summer 1941 - AFRTC, Ft. Knox, Kentucky.   Transferred to 87th Mtn. Inf. Bat. Re-inforced, Ft. Lewis, WA, D-CO, just   before Christmas 1941. Because I knew of experimental unit on Skis in the   Northwest. Corresponded with Sgt. Walter Prager and Capt. Paul Lafferty re   transfer."

Ski Patrol


Ski School


Ski Industry

"I spent over 50 years in the ski industry: retail,   importing, instruction, and publishing periodicals."

Vermont Ski Area Connection


Role of Skiing in your Life


Other information


Photograph information


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