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Robert Ely


Ely, Robert H.

Rank, Company, Regiment

S/SGT    E              85TH INF

Birth date/Death Date


Vermont Location




Importance of Vermont


First skiing experience

"I think Robert would say his earliest memory of skiing was   when he was 10 years old."



Competitive Skiing


What was your experience in the 10th like?

"I believe he enjoyed being in the 10th and made a lot of   lifetime friends. He instructed skiing and learned to rock climb which he   found very challenging. Robert received a medical discharge in Dec. 1944 due   to a knee injury just before the 10th shipped out to Italy."

Why did you join the 10th?

"He joined the 10th because he loved skiing."

Ski Patrol


Ski School


Ski Industry


Vermont Ski Area Connection

"After the war he was a founder of Mt. Ascutney Ski Area in   Brownsville, VT. He was Mountain Manager for 14 years. [He was responsible   for the design of the majority of the skis trails on the mountain, was the   first person to make artificial snow in the state…] He was Assistant Mountain   Manager at Loon Mountain Ski Area in Lincoln, NH, under Sherman Adams for 1   year and Assistant Manager at Mt. Snow in Dover, VT for 1 year (1969-70). He   made the first artificial snow in Vermont at Mt. Ascutney and also introduced   snow making at Loon Mountain, NH."

Role of Skiing in your Life


Other information

Bob had a passion for art. He attended the Boston School of   Practical Arts and studied with W. L. Stevens, a member of the National   Academy at Springfield, MA.

Photograph information


Information submitted by

Loree C. Ely, wife