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Adolf Delso


Delso, Adolf "Del"

Rank, Company, Regiment

PFC        C             87th

Birth date/Death Date


Vermont Location



Army Commendation Medal for period 8/14/59-1/4/64
  Soldier's Medal
  US Department of Agriculture Certificate of Appreciation for helping wit the   Roaring Brook YCC Camp.              11/11/1920   7/18/2003  FALSE           Rutland                                         10/18/45   - honorable discharge to reenlist.
  Honorable discharge 8/23/48 to reenlist.

3/4/49 - Completed Artic Indoctrination School, Big Delta,   Alaska.

Promoted 2/10/50 to Sergeant;1/1/52 to Staff sergeant; 12/19/52 to Master   Sergeant, US Army.
  Honorable discharge 10/5/56 to reenlist.
  5/9/59 - awarded US Army Cold Weather and Mountain School certificate for   Inland Waterways Navigation Course and Summer Operations and Mountain   Instructors Course and Cold Weather Operations and Ski Instructors Course,   Fort Greely, Alaska.
  Instructor with the Mountain Techniques Committee, Mountain Ranger Camp,   Dahlonega, GA.
  6/24/61 - completed Instructor Training Course at US Army Infantry School.
  Honorable discharge 10/5/62 to reenlist.
  Retires 1964.

Importance of Vermont


First skiing experience




Competitive Skiing


What was your experience in the 10th like?


Why did you join the 10th?


Ski Patrol


Ski School


Ski Industry


Vermont Ski Area Connection


Role of Skiing in your Life


Other information

1957 given the Cross Country Skiing/Fort Greely certificate for   skiing 100 miles while off duty in Alaska.

Member 70+ Ski Club
  1973 - Won the Woodstock Ski Touring Center's Nordic race with the best time   in Seniors.

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from his archives now at the Museum