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Don Boardman


Boardman, Donald M.

Rank, Company, Regiment

PFC        HQ          86th INF

Birth date/Death Date


Vermont Location



Bronze Star

Competitive Skiing


Importance of Vermont

"Skiing and the love I had acquired for Vermont got me to   locate some property and build my "ski cabin" which was done over   many weekends and vacations. I worked in Connecticut, but I lived in   Vermont…"

First skiing experience

"At age, probably 9 or 10, going straight down the steepest   hill at the local country club where I lived in Connecticut with nothing but   toe straps and if we made it, taking off the skis and walking to the top of   the hill again. At 14 and a junior in high school, I had progressed to some   laminated skis with steel edges, Dovre cable bindings and LL Bean ski boots   and along with 3 or 4 friends would head for South Mountain where we would   pack down trails through the woods and practice our turns - "skill"   we were learning from the printed page only. At 17 and a junior in high   school I got to my first real ski area --the G-bar-S Ranch, Great Barrington,   Mass. (known now as Butternut Basin) where 3 rope tows were required to get   us to the top. Mostly trails rather than open slopes -- one went till they   fell and then got up and continued down. After that it was getting to any   area I could that had lifts."               



What was your experience in the 10th like?

"The 10th taught us how to survive under the worst of   conditions. Except for live ammunition, nothing we experienced in combat   compared to what we went through in training."

Why did you join the 10th?

"Fascinated by storied of the Russo-Finnish War and the   part played by men on skis. Skiing was my favorite sport and I thought that   was the part of the Army I should be."

Ski Patrol


Ski School


Ski Industry


Vermont Ski Area Connection


Role of Skiing in your Life


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Donald Boardman