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Allan Beck


Beck, Allan

Rank, Company, Regiment

CaptainB             126 Engr. BN       "Was promoted to the rank of 1st   Lt. Then to Capt. On discharge.

Birth date/Death Date



Awarded the Bronze Star Medal 07/04/45."

Vermont Location


Competitive Skiing

Founder of Spaulding High School (Barre, VT) Ski Team, 1937-38

Norwich University ski team; "skied for Norwich University   for 4 years, the last three as co-captain. Won the National Collegiate   Champioship at Sun Valley, ID, in 1941 and was elected to the Norwich   Athletic Hall of Fame in 1957."
  "Competed in the Masters Alpine Racing program for almost 20 years. Won   35 gold medals in National and International Champioship races. In 1993 was   awarded the "USSA Outstanding Masters Award". Was namws to the   Alpine National Masters Ski Team several times. Served as President of NE   Masters Skiing for 15 years. Chairman of Eastern Alpine Masters Committee and   member of the National Alpine Masters Committee for many years."
  1984 - sweeps FIS International Veterans Trophy Races , a series of four.

Importance of Vermont


First skiing experience

"My earliest memory of skiing is that of a child growing up   in Barre, VT. We always played in the snow through the winter months using   sleds, jumpers, toboggans and skis. Skis won out around age 12 and began   skiing competitively while in high school."


Norwich University

What was your experience in the 10th like?

"As a young officer reporting for duty with an infantry   division, I looked on this as a great adventure. Along with other routine   duties, I was appointed to the job of "Ski 3" (plans and training   specifically for ski activities) for the battalion. This consisted of setting   up and organizing a ski school for the battalion. I also served as platoon   leader in my company (engr, bn of the 10th Mt. Division at Camp Hale, CO) and   in combat our biggest role was the repair of roads and bridges in support of   the infantry. I also served as the liaison officer for the 86th Reg. Working   out of their HQ as we campaigned during combat. During my experience with the
  10th, needless to say, I gained a tremendous amount of maturity."

Why did you join the 10th?

"Four friends jointly purchased an old LaSalle automobile   which made it convenient for us to make our weekend trips. Sometimes we'd   drive into Denver on a Saturday afternoon where we'd hang out at places such   as the Bamboo Room at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Sunday mornings we would   rehabilitate our hangovers by driving up to Berthard's Pass or on to Winter   Park for a day of skiing. We also took some trips to Aspen for the   "aspen Cruds" at the Hotel Jerome and skiing on "little   Nell" using the jig back toboggan lift. If we felt real energetic, we'd   put skins on our skis and climb up the Roche Run for a more thrilling run   down. On one occasion, I recall that we drove up to St Mary's Glacier for a   day of recreation where we met some young lady skiers who added interest to   our skiing pursuits. / Shortly before transferring to Camp Swift, TX, our   LaSalle met it's demise. We were returning back to Camp Hale, late at night, after   one of our ski trips, with me at the wheel, when I thought I saw two   motorcycles coming at me. While attempting to navigate between two lights,   and much to my chagrin, it turned out to be another car. That was my story   and I've always stuck by it."             "Joining   the 10th Mt. Div. Was not my choice. I had spent four years at Norwich   University in ROTC. Due to the advent of the war, our ROTC program was   shortened to move the cadets more quickly into service. Because of this we   did not qualify for a direct commission as officers but instead were sent to   Officers Candidate School at the branch of service of our choice. Being an   engineering major, I opted for the Corps of Engineers and became a "90   Day wonder" with the rank of 2nd Lt. The Army for once used the information   on my induction records showing my background in skiing and my orders were   cut to report to the 126 Mt. Engineering Battalion at Camp Hale, CO."

Ski Patrol


Ski School

"Taught as an amateur instructor with Sepp Ruschp School   1940-43."

Ski Industry

"As I mentioned above, the decision to join the 10th was   made for me. Post-War I had two opportunities for employment. First I was   offered a position at West Point to coach their ski team along with other ski   activities and serve on the staff as an instructor in other fields. I   declined this (I'd had enough military by this time) in favor of a job   connected with the bridge division of the John A. Roebling Sons Co. I was   hired to head up their ski life business which they had stumbled into during   the war while working with Constam and the Meads on Pico's first cable T-bar   lift. While with Roebling, I participated in sales, design, and erection of   lifts at Mt. Mansfield, Lake Placid, North Creek, Dutch Hill, and Hogback. I   left Roebling shortly after to set up my own company with a partner for   construction of ski lifts. We build lifts at Speculator, NY, and Sunapee, NH.   We then went on to bridge construction and stayed in that field for the   remainders of our careers. The partnership named Beck and Bellucci ended in   1998."

Vermont Ski Area Connection

"Member of the Mt. Mansfield Ski Club since 1939.   Co-founded with Dick Comey the Stowe Masters Race Camp now known as Comey's   Comets Race Camp. Co-ran the annual camp for about 20 years."

Role of Skiing in your Life


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Allan Beck