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Mezzy Barber


Barber, Merrill "Mezzy"

Rank, Company, Regiment


Birth date/Death Date




Vermont Location


Competitive Skiing

Jumping, Harris Hill.
  1940 - US National Jumping Champion, won the Paul Bietila Award.
  1942 reported that Barber won the 4th inter collegiate ski meet held in Sun   Valley, 1st in jumping, 3rd in slalom, 5th in downhill, 8th in cross country.   Allan Beck was second.
  1950 - set the US distance record of 305 feet
  1952 - won the US National Ski Jumping Championship and received the Torger   Tokle Memorial Award given by Norway to the US National Ski Jump Champion.   1952 - retired

Importance of Vermont


First skiing experience



Norwich University

What was your experience in the 10th like?


Why did you join the 10th?


Ski Industry

Mezzy Barber's Formula Brands, Inc. High Quality Ski Waxes and   Lacquers for every Skiing Condition."

Role of Skiing in your Life


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